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Pizza in the Pine Barrens of NJ

Are you looking for good pizza in the Pines? This new page will attempt to seek out the many pizza parlors in the region. If you already have a favorite pizzeria and want to comment on it, please contact PineyPower via Facebook messaging! We're looking for more good pizzerias in the Pinelands of Burlington County, Atlantic County, Ocean County, Upper Cape May County, and eastern Cumberland, Gloucester and Camden Counties.

Pizzerias in Ocean County

Luigi's Italian Restaurant, Lakehurst NJ: This is real good pizza! It's loaded with whatever topping you ask for; pictured is their "Special." It's on Union Ave. in downtown Lakehurst.

Hands down Joey's Pizza in Whiting NJ. It has long been in business under a different name, but the latest owner, a young man named Joey, took over (2-3 years ago) and renamed the establishment. The pizza is out of this world. I have traveled throughout the western hemisphere and you cannot find a slice to match Joey's. Even if it is not on the menu they will make it, whatever you ask. They deliver locally, which is a rarity these days. Prices are excellent, which is great for a recession conscious wallet. Furthermore they provide a nice dining room if you have time to sit and order a meal. This restaurant is frequented by the large senior population in the area, who would otherwise have to travel a considerable distance to get a pizza. The employees are young adolescents in their late teens early 20's that provide excellent service and kudos to Joey's for hiring them. I know this isn't in the heart of the pinelands, rather close to the border, but this is the best pizza hands down! Got to run going to Joey's!

Eric Muller

That would have to be Naple's Pizza, Route 9, Barnegat, NJ. A native New Jerseyan, it is always one of the first places from which I get some food when I get back home!

Stay safe.
Peace, cj caulfield.

ed. note: I agree - Naples in Barnegat has great pizza! It's located on the corner of Bayshore Drive and Route 9 in the WaWa Mini-mall. It's always a special treat to stop in for a slice, or a whole pie!

I really like the pizza they serve at Shady Rest Restaurant on Route 9 in Bayville. According to their menu, it's the same way they've been serving it since 1966, and I can understand why they haven't had to change anything. The crust (regular or thin) is always very tasty, and I like what they do with the cheese: not overly gloppy and very flavorful with a hint of parmesean on top. Their prices are very reasonable as well. The service is friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable.
John in Forked River

Our favorite place for takeout pizza is Vesuvio's on Route 9 in Forked River. It's a nice little mom and pop shop that does a very nice job with their pies as well as their appetizers. They do a nice fried calamari and their sauteed greens are good and garlicky. I also like that fact that on any given Saturday night in the fall or the spring, Italian soccer will be on the TV at their place.
John in Forked River

The Grapevine in Tuckerton - Since the Manfre Family took over, the Grapevine has taken a 180 in the right direction and the food is once again great.  Gone is the seafood mart and replacing it is the Grapevine II Pizza.   Great sauce and the proper balance of cheese (including a sprinkle of parmesan) to sauce.  Only fresh toppings.  Besides the pizza, they have wings done right - no coatings, just deep fried and coated with homemade buffalo sauce.  All the other usual pizzeria take out is on the menu, but you can get the restaurant menu too.  They are open late which is a huge plus.

Andy Hladek - Mystic Island

Naples Pizzeria, Tuckerton: "There is also a terrific pizza place called Naples Pizzeria on Rt. 9 in Tuckerton. They have delicious pizza, (sicilian, chicken alfredo, buffalo chicken etc..) as well as Italian hoagies, subs and dinners. And the fact they have been in business over 30 yrs is a testament to their success! All the locals love it!!!!"

Ann - Tuckerton NJ

Gemelli Bistro and Pizzeria, Barnegat: I recently had a Margherita Pizza delivered; it was piping hot, and it was loaded with fresh mozzarella and basil. The tomato sauce was sweet, probably a San Marzano variety, and the crust was fresh and tender. Delivery was faster than the quoted time, and the delivery person was refreshingly polite and friendly! My next order will be of my favorite, Eggplant Rollatini, to see how that meal stacks up to others in the area.

Catie A - Barnegat NJ

Pizzerias in Burlington County

The Buffalo Pizza at ROMANZA is the greatest! In addition they have many variations on a pizza theme besides standard pizza slice variations. Romanza is located on Route #72 in Four Mile just east of the Rts. # 70-72 Circle.

Joe Shay Stivala

Upper Crust, Route 206 in Tabernacle.


Pizzerias in Atlantic County

OK, maybe we’re not technically in the Pinelands in Smithville, but my favorite pizza place is Vincenzo’s on Smithville Blvd in Galloway. The pizza reminds me of the kind I grew up on north of here (where people take their pizza very seriously)-- a relatively thin crust (but not too thin), just the right amount of sauce (not too much), very tasty cheese with some oil floating on the surface, and garlic you can taste (and smell).

Ronda Cluff, Galloway, NJ

I would like from YOU, PineyPower readers, some suggestions for the BEST PIZZA IN THE PINELANDS! This isn't a contest; just your thoughts on local places (not franchises) that serve great pies. Just send your favorites to me via FACEBOOK message, with a short description of why the pizza is so good! It will be used on this page, so please let me know if I can use your name.


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