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Birds of the NJ Pine Barrens

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If birding is your passion, the NJ Pine Barrens are sure to bring you endless days of excitement! In addition to our year-round residents, we have lots of summertime visitors, and lots of birds passing through, since the area is within the Atlantic Flyway. Here are just a few suggestions for good birding locations in the Pine Barrens and adjacent waters:


Wells Mills County Park, Waretown
2 1/2 miles west of Garden State Parkway Exit 69

1,600 acres
34-acre lake
Large deck with feeders, including hummingbird
Miles of marked trails with uplands and wetlands, some along 34-acre lake
No admission fee, no parking fee

Cloverdale Farm County Park

80 acres
Several bogs; feeder stream
Former cranberry farm
No admission fee, no parking fee

Lighthouse Center, Waretown

Maritme forest, salt marsh, two tidal streams and freshwater impoundment all adjacent to Barnegat Bay
Membership required

Forsythe Nat'l Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine more than 43,000 acres of southern New Jersey coastal habitats are actively protected and managed for migratory birds.
Small donation for 8-mile loop road access.
Wharton State Forest
Atlantic, Burlington and Camden Counties

115,111 acres

51-mile Batona Trail traverses in part through Wharton; camping sites available.
Several canoe liveries.
No admission fee, no parking fee (except Batsto)

Brendan T. Byrne State Forest

34,000 acres; 25 miles of trails, including p/o Batona Trail
uplands and wetlands, Pakim Pond
camping facilities
No admission fee, no parking fee


Over 300 birds have been found in the Pinelands; below are some of the dominant species of the region:

Pied-billed Grebe-Podilymbus podiceps
Great Blue Heron-Ardea herodias
Great Egret-Egretta alba
Little Blue Heron-Egretta caerulea
Green Heron-Butorides virescens
Mallard-Anas platyrhynchos
Black Duck-Anas rubripes
Wood Duck-Aix sponsa
Turkey Vulture-Cathartes aura
Red-tailed Hawk-Buteo jamaicensis
Broad-winged Hawk-Buteo platypterus
American Kestrel-Falco sparverius
Ruffed Grouse-Bonasa umbellus
Bobwhite-Colinus virginianus
Mourning Dove-Zenaidura macroura
Screech Owl-Otus asio
Whip-poor-will-Caprimulgus vociferus
Ruby-throated Hummingbird-Archilochus colubris
Belted Kingfisher-Megaceryle alcyon
Common Flicker-Colaptes auratus
Hairy Woodpecker-Dendrocopos villosus
Downy Woodpecker-Dendrocopus pubescens
Eastern Kingbird-Tyrannus tyrannus
Great-crested Flycatcher-Myiarchus crinitus
Eastern Phoebe-Sayornis phoebe
Eastern Wood Pewee-Contopus virens
Tree Swallow-Tachycineta bicolor
Barn Swallow-Hirundo rustica

Purple Martin-Progne subis
Blue Jay-Cyanocitta cristata Black vultures are being found in the Pine Barrens
Common Crow-Corvus brachyrhynchos
Fish Crow-Corvus ossifragus
Carolina Chickadee-Parus carolinensis
Tufted Titmouse-Baeolophus bicolor
White-breasted Nuthatch-Sitta carolinensis
Carolina Wren-Thryothorus ludovicianus
Northern Mockingbird-Mimus polyglottos
Gray Catbird-Dumetella carolinensis
Brown Thrasher-Toxostoma rufum
Robin-Turdus migratorius
White-eyed Vireo-Vireo griseus
Red-Eyed Vireo-Vireo olivaceus
Black-and-White Warbler-Mniotilta varia
Prothonatary Warbler-Proronotaria citrea
Yellow Warbler-Dendroica petechia
Pine Warbler-Dendroica pinus
Prairie Warbler-Dendroica discolor
Ovenbird-Seiurus aurocapillus
Common Yellowthroat-Geothlypis trichas
American Redstart-Setophaga ruticilla
Redwing Blackbird-Agelaius phoeniceus
Cardinal-Pyrrhuloxia cardinalis
American Goldfinch-Carduelis tristis
Rufous-sided Towhee-Pipilo erythrophthalmus
Field Sparrow-Spizella pusilla
Swamp Sparrow-Melospiza georgiana
Song Sparrow-Melospiza melodia


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The Pine Barrens is becoming a popular tourist destination. It offers history, nature, boating, camping, fishing, swimming, and most of all, peace and tranquility. It's important to families who live here, whether for a few years or many generations, that our peace and tranquility be preserved.A local lawyer or doctor won't look any different than his neighbor who works the land. Thousand dollar suits aren't what impress people of the Pines - taking care of nature and fellow man is what matters. To that end, it is important for you to know that as a visitor to our precious Pine Barrens, you should show respect for the flora and fauna, for the historical buildings or their remains, and show respect for the "locals". Walk and drive gently. Treat our Pine Barrens as you would want a visitor to treat your own home town - and your own family. Thank you.

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