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Cape May County Park & Zoo


The Cape May County Park system is to be commended for the magnificent facility its staff has developed and maintained at Cape May County Park and Zoo. It's clean, well-maintained, beautifully landscaped, and all the animals seemed well-cared for and relaxed in their environments. On its 80 acres, you'll see almost 200 different species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles!


A well-planned boardwalk system takes you up and over several living areas of the Park's inhabitants, including lions, cheetah, giraffe, zebras, bison and more. Along the way are sheltered rest areas with binoculars for viewing.


This lion awoke every 20 minutes or so, raised his head, and roared several times, seemingly on cue, just to remind everyone that he was still the King of the Jungle!



The Reptile House is home to many lizards, snakes and frogs, and this huge Tortise resides just outside. An alligator in this section seemed too shy for the cameras!


Countless birds reside here; huge ostriches and rheas, many types of ducks, herons, swans, parrots, birds of prey...the list goes on and on!



Feathered friends abound at Cape May Zoo; this is the first pure white peacock I've ever seen!



An especially nice addition at the Park is the the Tree Identification signage along the way.



If you've got a little one with you, the perfect way to end the day is a "train ride!" The Hummingbird Express, a four car miniature passenger train, pulled by an old-time “steam” locomotive takes riders through the park and loop around the new Butterfly Garden and Hummingbird Habitat, currently under construction. The ticket price is $2 for kids and adults, but all proceeds go towards improving the zoo.

Entrance to the Cape May County Park and Zoo is free, but donations are gladly accepted. I was happy to contribute $10.00 for three people on this day! Concessions are located in the parking area, but we had lunched at the diner in town (which was excellent!).

Cape May County Park and Zoo is located just off Exit 11 in Cape May Court House, NJ.



The Pine Barrens is becoming a popular tourist destination. It offers history, nature, boating and fishing, swimming, and most of all, peace and tranquility. It's important to families who live here, whether for a few years or many generations, that our peace and tranquility be preserved. Keep in mind that the local lawyer or doctor won't look any different than his neighbors. Thousand dollar suits aren't what impresses people of the Pines - taking care of nature and fellow man is what matters. To that end, it is important for you to know that as a visitor to our precious Pine Barrens, you should show respect for the flora and fauna, for the historical buildings or their remains, and show respect for the "locals". Walk and drive gently. Treat our Pine Barrens as you would would want a visitor to treat your own home town.

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