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A Day on The Wading River

One of the best ways to enjoy the Pine Barrens is a canoe trip down one of the rivers that meander through the pines. I went with three friends on a perfect July day and had a wonderful experience that I intend to repeat often! Canoes beached on the Wading River

We rented two canoes for a three-hour trip from Hawkins Bridge to Evans Bridge. Organization was perfect - the only disappointing part was right at the beginning. Water levels were low, so we had to walk our canoes for a few minutes to get to deeper waters, but for the most part, we were able to paddle except for the few times when we got stuck on a hidden sand bar.Beautiful vistas of the Wading River

The Wading River is easy to navigate; it has a slow current and not too many turns. Occasionally fallen trees both in and out of the water need to be circumvented, but it adds fun to the trip, and even if the canoe tips, the cool water is refreshing! Only once did we opt to portage our canoes, but it was only a ten-yard trek. A small dam was also on our route. We jumped out and led the canoe over, but re-boarding was a bit tricky and some boaters (who shall go unnamed here) ended up rather wet!

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View of the Wading RiverThe scenery is gorgeous - huge pines, cedars and oaks; birds singing; the clear brownish red cedar water of the river - and even with the large number of canoes on this holiday weekend, there were many times we were the only sign of humanity in this vast forest as we quietly glided through the Pines.

We passed Wading Pines Campground, where campers were lazing in the water with their rafts, and one floating camper told us about the many amenities of the resort - pool, kids' activities, recreation and more.

Lunch on the Wading River


Along the way were many sandy areas, one of which we pulled up to for a rest and to have our lunch.




The end of the tripWhen our trip came to an end, we sadly beached our canoes and within a few minutes were transported back to our point of departure. It was a wonderful day out!





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