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"Mel, the Fisher Queen", by Marilyn Wenz. Consigned work.



Marilyn Wenz, Artist



Specializing in





Please call or email for pricing on commissioned artwork.


EMAIL: clio_1@msn.com

Located between the Pines and The Ocean
Manahawkin, NJ

"Of Women" by Marilyn Wenz. Available for purchase.
"Irish-American" by Marilyn Wenz
"Mutt", by Marilyn Wenz. Available for purchase.
"Ben" by Marilyn Wenz


The Pine Barrens is becoming a popular tourist destination. It offers history, nature, boating, camping, fishing, swimming, and most of all, peace and tranquility. It's important to families who live here, whether for a few years or many generations, that our peace and tranquility be preserved.A local lawyer or doctor won't look any different than his neighbor who works the land. Thousand dollar suits aren't what impress people of the Pines - taking care of nature and fellow man is what matters. To that end, it is important for you to know that as a visitor to our precious Pine Barrens, you should show respect for the flora and fauna, for the historical buildings or their remains, and show respect for the "locals". Walk and drive gently. Treat our Pine Barrens as you would want a visitor to treat your own home town - and your own family. Thank you.

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