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Do you want a great way to introduce your kids - and even yourself - to the fascinating world of entomology? If your answer is yes, then a visit to "Insectropolis" is in order! Located on Route 9 in Toms River NJ, I was fascinated at the many displays of arthropods, both living and as specimens.

After paying the $7 per person entry fee, we we treated to Zookeeper Mike's fun and informative talk. He introduced us to a few favorites.

Here, Mike holds "Rosy", a Chilean Rose Tarantula. I couldn't wait to pet her and yes, her "fur" is soft and silky! Mike and Rosy the Tarantula
madascar Hissing Cockroach This is a Madascar Hissing Cockroach that Mike also let us pet. We also pet a millipede, who with an exoskeleton, felt smooth and dry.
These are millipedes on display in a tank.

These tarantulas were fascinating and my favorite of the live exhibits!

White Knee Tarantula from Brazil

Red Knee Tarantula from Mexico

Chilean Rose Tarantula

honeybees at Insectropolis

This beehive is connected with the outdoors via a tube running through the wall behind it.
The displays of collections were stunning! This is the entrance to the display area, flowing from room to room from the museum's lecture hall.
Entrance to museum

The photos below depict just a sampling of the dozens of trays.
Hundreds of beetles were on display.
Scorpions, centipedes, millipedes and tarantulas
Probably the most numerous were the stunning butterfly and moth displays.

Butterfly collection at Insectropolis

Butterfly collection at Insectropolis
Butterflies at Insectropolis in Toms River, NJ
The "Jewel Beetle" display described the history of these treasured "metallic wood-boring beetles."
Jewel Beetles
Top Cops of the Insect World
TOP C.O.P.S (Carnivores of Pest Species)
America's Most Wanted Insects
America's Most Wanted
Rainforest Diorama
Rainforest Diorama
Woodland diorama
Woodland Diorama

The gift shop was a "must shop" stop! It even offers edible insects for sale!

Gift shop at Insectropolis

I loved Insectropolis as much (or more) than my grandson! I could have spent all day studying all the displays! It was well worth the $7 admission, and I will certainly go again!




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