. Maxwell G. Hound was part of my life for 9 years when he died peacefully in my arms in November of 2007. He was almost 12 years old and is now at peace on Rainbow Bridge .

Meet Isaac, a.k.a., Zack, a.k.a. Zackers. Zack was my second retired Greyhound (born June 3, 2005) that I had the fortune of adopting on February 11, 2008. Zack developed osteosarcoma and went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 17, 2016.


Here's Isaac's first visit to the cranberry bogs! He's going to be a Pine Barrens guide like his mom soon!

After meeting Isaac at GREYHOUND ANGELS in Pennsauken in late January 2008, I knew we were destined to be together! So, after what seemed like an eternity, I brought home my 2 1/2-year old bundle of joy on February 11, 2008! The drive home was uneventful other than a few "puppy poofs" that I'm sure were nerves! Isaac was interested in the scenery, and for the most part was relaxed.After a quick walk up and down the street, we went inside to meet Alex d'Catt, (with Isaac muzzled, just to be safe), but it was very close to love at first sight!

This photo, taken a bit later, shows Isaac "thinking about" the couch to get closer to Allie-cat.

"It's NOT a squeaky toy!"

"How did they get in that box?"


Isaac was curious about every sight, sound and scent in my little house! Here he is watching TV! He wasn't interested in the fuzzy babies yet - too many things to explore!

My boy is curious about everything! He's already responsive to my "Ssst" correction for the forbidden areas, but almost opened a cabinet where the "cookies" are! This is one smart kid!

When I took him out in the fenced rear yard (on lead, since it's pretty big and partially wooded), he acted like a kid in a candy store - hopping up and down, smelling everything, then coming back to me to smile and lean!

Later in the day, I decided to let him blow off some steam, since he hadn't rested for a moment since we got home. I took off the leash (again, my yard is fully fenced with six-foot stockade) and his joy brought tears to my eyes - he ran in big circles, though never far from me, then to the door, then back to me. I tried to get him to run a bit more, but he was more interested in going back inside his forever home!


"Hi, Mom!"

Dinner Time

Alex d'Catt watches while Isaac enjoys his first meal. He's got a real good appetite!
I work from home; so put a soft blanket near my desk, and within fiive minutes, my velcro boy was fast asleep.



The rest of my kids had to meet their new family member, so came over right after dinner. Left to right, my Piney son-in-law Tanner, Alex d'Catt, my amazing daughter Amanda (Piney Jr.), and my grandson Tyler (Piney III). Isaac was gentle and friendly to all! He took a small piece of a "cookie" from Ty's hand, oh-so gently, after which Ty told me, "I LOVE my Uncle Isaac"!!

I wish I lived closer to GREYHOUND ANGELS, in Pennsauken NJ, so I could help out walking and caring for these GREYT dogs! But then again, maybe it's better I'm 50 miles away - it would be too tempting to bring home another love! As I look over at Isaac now, sound asleep just a few feet from me, he has such a look of contentment on his face, and yet I can't believe how lucky I am that he chose me to be his mom! I can't wait to take him on his first Pine Barrens adventure!

Lisa and her Dad Ira of GREYHOUND ANGELS should be blessed for the endless hours they devote to their greyhounds, arranging for transportation to their kennel - from Florida, Kansas, West Virginia and more, caring for these wonderful animals, arranging adoptions - the work is borne of love, but it's hard work. Their many volunteers also are "Angels", giving of their time to help these wonderful dogs find their "forever homes!"

I was so impressed with all the information they supplied to me, including track records, ownership transfer papers, vet records, etc. Isaac had already been given his shots, wormed, neutered, micro-chipped and more. My previous greyhound experience was nowhere as comprehensive and professional as this. I can't say enough about the love and dedication these wonderful people have!

Greyhound Angels is raising money for a "real" greyhound farm, with a place for these kids to run, instead of being indoors, requiring walks several times daily for exercise (again - thanks to those volunteer ANGELS!)

If you possibly can, go to their website and donate a few dollars. Any amount will be appreciated!

Then, take a look at their "ADOPT ME" page - I dare you!


In Memory of
Maxwell G. Hound

Jan. 1996 - Nov. 17, 2007

My Piney Hound will always be in my heart!
Visit Maxwell's Page


Think about adopting a greyhound - thousands die needlessly every year, and they are wonderful dogs - quiet, sensitive "couch potatoes". They have so much love to give and ask little in return. They are gentle, kind and clean, and their manners are better than those of some people! They require little maintenance - even if you don't have a fenced-in yard, a brisk walk will keep them happy. There are greyhounds right now at racetracks across the country that will be "put to sleep" needlessly! Help him or her...please? Wherever you are, there are agencies that are looking for loving families for these wonderful dogs - find one and adopt your "best friend". You won't regret it!



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