It's All About the Pine Barrens!

Pine Barrens Fire, May 15 - 16 2007

Photos of of the Aftermath, May 17, 2007

Click on photos for larger view.

Where it all started - Bombing Range Road, off Rt. 539 in Warren Grove. The area south of here is completely charred as the below photos show, but they don't give any idea of the vastness of the burnt area.

Just for comparison, and to get an idea of how vast the area is, this is Bombing Range Road before the fire...

...and this is a pond alongside Bombing Range Road. From a second drive past the area, this might not have been affected.

Behind this controlled burn area is a large home currently under construction. Note the green pines surrounding the home elsewhere.

This is what fire allows the Pines to do: the small "tab" hanging from the cone is a seed, allowed to "escape" only because of the heat of the fire. This is why fire is vital to the survival of the Pitch Pines.

This is an unretouched photo of a pine cone, opened by the fire.

Lucille's - business as usual today! Lucille's stayed open throughout the fire so the many workers in the area could be nourished. And they were well-fed; the food here is great, especially the pies!



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